Wake up calls

Are you having a hard time waking up in the morning you could buy some of these: Shape up alarm clock– needs 30 lifts to make it shut up Carpet alarm clock– you have to stand on the carpet in order for it to stop ringing Puzzle alarm clock– pops a puzzle you have to … More Wake up calls


I was in Milan the first week-end of may, exactly four days spent there convinced me that if the city itself isn’t a gold-mine of museums, parcs, canals, churches to visit at least the weather was nice, and the attractions you can go to are cheap and interesting.   in the sforzesco castle I saw … More Milan

Chestionarul lui Proust

1. Principala mea trăsătură Impulsivitatea                                    2. Calitatea pe care doresc să o întîlnesc la un bărbat Galanteria         3. Calitatea pe care o prefer la o femeie Sa fie rezervata 4. Ce preţuiesc mai mult la prietenii mei Ma ajuta cand am nevoie. 5. Principalul meu defect Ma dau mare, sunt impulsiva. 6. … More Chestionarul lui Proust