Wake up calls

Are you having a hard time waking up in the morning you could buy some of these:

Shape up alarm clock
– needs 30 lifts to make it shut up

Carpet alarm clock
– you have to stand on the carpet in order for it to stop ringing

Puzzle alarm clock
– pops a puzzle you have to solve

Clocky alarm clock/ Hide and seek
– jumps away from you and you have to catch it to male it stop

Flying alarm clock
– has a small propeller that starts flying and you need to put it back in order for it to stop

– you have to ring it’s neck to stop it

Sfera retracting alarm clock
– hangs from the ceiling, when the alarm goes off you have to reach up and touch it to activate snooze but it causes the alarm to retract towards the ceiling so you have to get out of your bed to stop it

Laser target alarm clock
– a laser beam aimed at the center of the target is the only way to turn the alarm sound off

Kuku alarm clock
– croaks and lays eggs to get you out of bed

– is the worse one still: each time you press snooze you donate money to a charity, the clock is connected to your bank account

You also have versions on Samsung and HTC smartphones of alarms with math problems in them, problems that you need to solve for it to stop.

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