I was in Milan the first week-end of may, exactly four days spent there convinced me that if the city itself isn’t a gold-mine of museums, parcs, canals, churches to visit at least the weather was nice, and the attractions you can go to are cheap and interesting.


in the sforzesco castle

I saw a Mantegna and a Botticelli which was amazing.


The weather was great, it was over 25 degrees and so hot I was in shorts and a tank top. We were sitting in the park, watching high-school kids play football, sipping granita (pictured below).



The food was really cheap but not always the best thing. We stayed in a hostel that was extremely cheap which gave us the opportunity to spend the money on having fun.
We could have gone to Venice or Verona but we decided to go to Lake Como, took a funicular and admired the view while having lunch.


having lunch overlooking lake como


taking pictures of the lake

I had a great vacation (on my 4th time in Italy) and I will be going back if I can to Milan. In the meantime  I still want to go back to Rome. Thank you Inka Pettinen :).

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