TV (second version)

We’ve just finished the first season of the TV shows that I presented in september and I’d like to do a recap on it. The first list is here.

Ringer (with Sarah Michelle Gellar – Buffy) positively sucked. It had a good start but I got really bored after the first 5 episodes.

Up all night (SNL cast Maya Rudolph + Cristina Applegate) was all fun an giggles until I stopped being interested. It was over the top without being funny. The Middle on the other hand got all warm and fuzzy and good. Raising Hope is still good but I kinda got over it. Modern family is as strong as ever.

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New girl (Zooey Deschanel) still is strong and interesting. I’m quite pleased with it.
Grimm is completely boring and down the drain. If I had to compare it to Supernatural it would just be this enourmous failure.
Terra Nova (Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur baby) was nice but it needs a push out of the ‘done before’ zone.
Finally newcomers that I particularly like:
1. Suburgatory is funny, witty and pushed newcommer Jane Levy, that was revealed through Shameless, (another good spin-off/retake on a classic but it slowed a bit down this season and I’m waiting to see if I can get back into it) to comedy stardom. I also like Cheryl Hines, seen before in Waitress.

2. Once upon a time: when I was 10 I had to decide between Harry Potter and Lord of the rings because I couldn’t go to both movies – I eventually decided on Harry Potter and bought the DVDs of the Lord later on. I thought of the same between Grimm and Once upon a time (starring Jennifer Morrison from House) but eventually I realised that choosing Grimm wasn’t that good. Once upon a time is pure enchantment and very thrillery in a way – and I think it’s the best new-commer drama this season.

3. Revenge prooved to be quite the solid hit and a new spin to the Monte Cristo legend.

4. Spartacus Vengence, the sequel to Spartacus Blood and Sand (prequel Spartacus Gods of the Arena), brightened a few of my days this year. It was better than I expected – and as seen before I was expecting a lot.

The series finale of Grey’s Anatomy and How I met your mother were great.

Game of Thrones was a revelation until I noticed that the author was killing way too many good actors. So I stopped watching it.

I’ve stopped Free Agents ages ago, couldn’t go past the 5th episode of Pan Am (Cristina Ricci).

RIP to House, I will be missing it badly (here’s a video of Hugh Laurie just in case) and to Desperate Housewives, especially since it kind of didn’t end very well this season, it seemed rushed and all.

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