What to expect… when you’re expecting

Down right in the middle of september feels like a walk through a desert. The oasis is close, since school or work is coming soon. It’s not yet the beginning so everyone is slowly kicking into gear. And then come the TV-shows. 
Some time ago I made a list of those that I watch or watched, a few of those being over now, time to make a list of the upcoming new series – some of which I’ve seen pictures/trailers/episodes.
Ringer (september 14) sounds like a half decent good idea with the twin sister impersonation led by Sarah Michelle Gellar (missed her since “Buffy”). If you look at this scene you’ll see that the budget for the series seems minuscule, but maybe this is a slow and cheap start to a very good Tv-show. Not a load of big names in Ringer except for Ioan Gruffudd known for “Fantastic Four” and the wet works stripper from “Horrible bosses”.
I’ve seen an episode of Up all night (september 14), new comedy show about how to raise a baby starring Christina Applegate, Will Arnett and Maya Rudolph. No need to speak for this very impressive cast. It’s a new twist to a baby/family/children-parent relationship all over the TV right now: “Modern family”, “The Middle” and “Raising Hope”.
Free Agents (september 14) is interesting if desperation is your thing. I liked the actors but it’s unrealistic and it makes me feel lame about my past-40 divorcee life.
New Girl (september 20)is fun, I loved it. Zooey Deschanel finally gets her show and can beat her “Bones” big sister. One single thing bothered me so far, the lack of touch with what men do or think of doing but I do understand that as a comedy it doesn’t need to be in touch with reality: “How I met your mother”, “The Big Bang Theory”.
Then there’s Terra Nova (september 26) which will probably be a hit because of dinosaurs, the Lost syndrome (people stranded in a dangerous environment), the Spielberg theory (he MUST make something better than “Super 8”) and the budget of a small African dictatorship.
And finally I’m waiting to find out more about “Pan Am” (september 25) (Cristina Ricci) and “Grimm“(october 21).
Sounds like an interesting fall to me. 

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