Top Gear passion

350 million viewers this show has. That is one of the reasons I started watching it. You get to a point when you say to yourself: “There must be something really good in it if it has so many viewers!”. I’m not a car fan, i actually quite hate sports cars (the show’s favorite) but I have to recognise that their challenges are brilliant and these three guys rock.

Ib haven’t seen all 14 seasons because 1. I don’t really have the time to see three lunatic testing=destroying cars. But I’ve seen a few good episodes from this list:

Season 2: Episode 10

Three high-end sportscars have their brakes put to the test when they’re dropped from the back of a cargo plane eight thousand feet above Stonehenge.

Season 3: Episode 5

Which four door sedan is the most sensible car in its class? Garry Kasparov goes head-to-head with three sedans in a chess tournament to find out. The outcome might surprise you, provided you believe the first part of this sentence!

Season 4: Episode 1

How many women can a minivan attract? Jeremy, Richard and James leave their vans (which have been modified with leather jackets and patches of chest hair) outside of a popular nightclub and see which vehicle gets dry-humped by the most women.

Season 5: Episode 4

Our hosts must convert pickup trucks into fully-functioning boats, then see which is the fastest at being towed on a trailer.

Season 6: Episode 9

The guys determine which SUV makes the best demolition derby car by running over felt hats with rounded crowns of varying sizes.

Season 7: Episode 3

Three DeLorean DMC-12s are purchased, then made into time machines in an effort to see who can stop the 1975 assassination of Ringo Starr first. Featuring the inadvertent butterfly effect that led to the death of John Lennon.

Season 7: Episode 4

Which convertible is capable of holding the most water? The lads find out by lowering each car into the ocean via helicopter, lifting the filled car back into the air, then carefully measuring the tideline.

Personal favorite this far is the one in wich Jeremy kills a Toyota:

I knew I wanted a 4×4 but now I want a Toyota more than a Suzuki. Want to finish the list before I leave for Barcelona.

PS: I love the Photography director of the series. Panoramic views are gorgeous, filters very wise and the wet cars are sexier than Megan Fox out of that lake in that supernatural movie:

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