Wondered a few days ago how many Tv series I was actually watching so I decided to make a list with impressions:

a) House: almost everybody watches House these days, but there are serious reasons; it’s extremely funny to see a misanthropist in action. And the chicks are hot. Yes, I know I’m a girl.

b) Two and a half men: it still is funny after 8 seasons, though this is the last one; Charlie Sheen is impeccable, and his brother in the series is al lot more famous than you would expect.

c) Sanctuary: I am a STARGATE fan, as I am a Harry Potter fan. I think those are the best things that ever happened to me, movie/serie wise. So when Amanda Tapping started a new series I was all excited, she played in Stargate SG1 and Atlantis. Those are two series I miss. Sanctuary is nice, all monstery, but science fiction that’s filmed a bit like 24.

This is about it. I also watch Greek, Californication, Flash Forward, Ugly Betty and V. I stopped watching Weeds, Kyle XY, Smallville and Burn Notice.

So, wasting my time entirely, right?

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