« In love there is always a choice to be made between passion and longevity »
This maxim suits a movie I’ve seen a few weeks ago: Revolutionary Road. The tale of a longevity story that strives for a change into passion only to fail.
In the middle of struggle to make a relationship that has overcome her personality, April, the main character, wants a way out. An escape out of her horribly lonely life.
Marguerite Duras once said: “Being a mother isn’t enough. Even an oyster can be a mother”. Some women in April’s shoes do make the relationship last because of their motherhood. Others don’t imagine motherhood as their main role in life, like April, and try finding themselves. The strange part is that April has no serious job, no prospects for future but still finds the strength to pull through, even through suicide. Another mother that leaves her children is Abigail Salmon of the “Lovely Bones” novel, soon to be made a movie.

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